Born for the reason that
reason leaves behind
searching for the truth
at the far east of the mind
soon I'll see forever I've been
temporarily blinded by the
sad logic of my long hurt kind
I want to always love you touch your
green things and blue
you among the wise
you among the few
transcendent spirit one day
up and flew

What is the use of this love, if not healing? 
Is there no rest from the facts we've been feeling? 

Worn from my wounds in the
heartbroken cities
all crowded with people divorced
from the mysteries
I looked many miles into
the eyes of the child
she stared right back w the
light of the wild
burning with a wisdom
so alarming I trembled
being from a world
yet to be assembled
I stopped to recall
how good it felt
observing the wealth of the
boy I knew who owned nothing at all
like that woman who loved you
held a living flower
to yr near dying hour
transcendent spirit one day
up and flew


So sit back take stock unlock non-attack
Your dreams no means
fall down stand up one more locked door
push through pull through full of stars
bliss rise up cast yr ey-eyes
human being being human


These sad schemata’s of the soul grown old
and all yr outworn modes of the self won’t hold
and I can’t be fine-tuned stray free same name
for the old pain that game blame and shame
but I've seen your need heard you plead
for a truth you disbelieve peace you don’t receive
till you come with yr mind wide eye
unconfined god coughed caught off guard
live soft she said but love hard
we all anarchy find the key feel the free
feel the free feel free feel free



from Concrete Rain EP, releases June 11, 2017